Ladies Officers 2013-2014

2013-2014 Officers as elected by majority vote are:

President Joanne Lorkowski
Vice president Donna Lenhardt
Treasurer Pat Bitz
Secretary Monica O’Neill
Trustee Marianne Cordell
Shirley Vachon
Johna Brand

Standing Committees:

Currently, we are looking to fill the following committees.

See  Committee Descriptions 2013  for complete description of each committee.

Special Event/Hospitality Committee Eileenmary King, Chairperson, and 2 members
Spiritual Leona Horn, Chairperson, and 2-3 members
Membership Arlene Huinker, Chairperson, and 2-3 members
Public Relations Donna Lenhardt, Publisher, and 1-2 members
Church Liaison Carol Zaehler – No longer a committee
Community Event Committee Rose Olmstead, Chairperson, and 2 ladies
Outreach to sick and needy Carol Zaehler, Chairperson, and 2 members
Fundraising Chairperson and 3 members
Charitable Donations

1 Officer, Treasurer, 1 Trustee,3-4 members at large

Historian Chairperson and 1-2 members
Newsletter replaced with the Public Relations committee
Prolife part of Spiritual, McGivney is part of Charitable Donations


Last Updated: July 14, 2013