Come See Our New Display Wall

Knigths & Ladies Wall

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Have you seen our new Knights of Columbus and Ladies Auxiliary display in the hallway leading to the Parish Center? This fabulous display was created by Bobbie Ziesk, with her husband John helping with the labor. Bobbie solicited photos and other items from the organizations and then performed her magic framing enlarged photos and arranging additional items into a display that shows the Knights and Ladies in action. On behalf of all the Knights and Ladies, we’d like to thank them for all the time, effort, and money they put into creating such a wonderful display.

This new display wall makes the perfect background for award presentations. Our first presentation, with the wall as a backdrop, was for Father Peter Akpunonu’s “Knights in Action” award. Did you know he was a Brother Knight? For more than 15 years, he served our parish while teaching at Mundelein Seminary. After the 9 AM mass on Pentecost Sunday, several Knights and Ladies gathered at his reception and presented him with the award and a token of our appreciation.

We also presented him with a copy of the article and accompanying photo we had on our website: Farewell Brother Knight Fr. Peter

Please stop by the hallway, on the way to the Parish Center, to view this new display. From time to time we’ll change the display – there’s even room to grow. Thanks again, Bobbie.


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