Ladies Accomplishments 2011-12 Fraternal Year

A HUGE Thank You to the Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary Accomplishments 2012

Congratulations to the K of C Ladies Auxiliary #12801 for the fabulous accomplishments during the 2011-12 fraternal year which ended this past June.   The list above is only a partial list – there wasn’t enough room in the image to add the remaining 15 accomplishments of this group of ladies.  Yes, this is less than half of the accomplishments.  For the complete list, see the July Newsletter.

What makes this even more amazing is that all of the 2,740 hours in volunteer time were accomplished by a small band of 45 ladies.  Some of the ladies are “retired”; many work full time or part time, outside the home; but that didn’t stand in their way of serving their church and community last year.

On behalf of my Brother Knights, the priests and religious of St. John the Evangelist Church, and all that benefited from their volunteer efforts, a big Thank You to all the ladies that participated in a very successful year of charity.

The next time you think that one individual doesn’t matter, take a look at what a small group of people can accomplish.  Perhaps you’d like to join this group of ladies.  If so, contact one of the members or leave a message at the parish center.

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